Why We're Here

We provide a Septic Pumping Service provided by Certified licensed technicians---- serving customers throughout HRM and beyond.   Same and next day appointments available.  We keep our overhead low so that we can pass the savings on to you---no pressured sales, of related products.  We are a dedicated team that our primary focus is on reliability, honesty and great customer service, so that you want to tell others about us.

                                                                         You're gonna love our guys.

Our company also offers a discount to veterans!  Call us today with any questions and to book your appointment.

Although, it is the responsibility of customers to know and where your septic tank is located, and covers should be easily accessible before we arrive, "We are here to help"  Just ask.  !      

Some Things To Know:

We like to be up front about things so please note ,we are very competitive with our pricing, and to keep things that way, there may be an additional charge for emptying pump chambers or tanks that are larger than the average 1000 gallons.     Newer installed septic tanks within the past 7 years or so seem to be larger, or the previous pumper may have mentioned it to you, but if you have a concern ,feel free to inquire first. 

If it is your first time having a septic pumped, or you know when the last time your septic was pumped....tell us.

We do recommend for the longevity of your septic tank and field, that you have your septic pumped every 3 years. There are alot of factors that come in to play with that timeline. 

--What and how much you are flushing.

--How many people live in the household (2 people per household may not need pumping as often)

--When looking inside your tank that only has one cover, you should see liquid mixed with your solids. 

--The longer the sewage sits in your tank, does make it more difficult to pump as it turns into a "Tar" like material and almost impossible to pump.

--It is recommended that when pumping the tank,  a few inches of "sludge" be left in the bottom  after each pumping. If this sounds alarming, it doesn't mean that your pumper is in a hurry or cheating anyone, but rather keeps the bacteria flowing in your tank until the next pump, therefore your solids continue to be broken down quicker and you can get away with pumping it less.  (It really is in the Septic Pumper Exam Binder)  

We carry  100ft of hose on the truck at all times, if you think that you may need more, please mention it before your appointment so you won't be disappointed.   We do try our best to get you pumped out regardless of the circumstance or condition of the septic.

We have the only  "Vac" truck in HRM,that serves residential and commercial, so if we can't pump it ,noone can.     

We do have the right to refusal after assessment/location of the septic tank ,"If" we feel anyone's safety or potential property damage is a concern.   We know some of you are curious and want to check things out inside the tank while we are pumping , but you should know, pumpers have a job and a half, holding that powerful hose to stay in the hole, and so with all that noise comes alot of suction power ,the hose tends to jump around.

 We would never want to see anyone hurt,and for everyone's safety,  pets and children (adults too) should keep a fair distance from the hole and the truck while vac is turned on.  As stinky of a job it is, we want to make it as pleasant and painless as possible for you.

So if you haven't called us yet. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

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